Sharpenning & Retipping

-Precision Handpiece Repair LLC-

Sharpening & Retipping

When your blades become too short, too skinny, or broken, use our retipping service to make them like new.  We can replace worn, unused or entirely broken tips with brand-new, American-melt Surgical Stainless Steel tips for an incredibly low price - most instruments are just $4.00 per end!

Our Retipping Process

We base our retipping process on the same process the manufacturer uses to build new instruments:

  1. We remove the old tips in their entirety, then
  2. Expertly insert and seal a new American-melt Surgical Stainless Steel tip into the handle.

Precision Made

Our new tips are precision-made to fit into the handle just as snugly and tightly as the old tips. Your instruments are then sharpened and polished by hand. There are only three differences between retipping an existing instrument and purchasing new:

  1. Price
  2. Removal of the old tips
  3. Environmentally friendly practice of retipping
Sharpening & Retipping 2024